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Here at the Country Barn, we include Farm to Fork Catering in all of the wedding packages that we offer. Country Barn Weddings is located on a real-working farm and when we cater an event, we are sourcing some of the food directly from our farm. A rustic barn wedding in Lancaster is not authentic without some homegrown and deliciously fresh food.  From a full presentation pig to unique  hors 'doeuvres to delicious potato sides, your guests are sure to leave your rustic barn wedding raving about the incredible, homemade food! At Country Barn we are known for growing two things:  delicious food and hearty memories.

Farm to Fork Wedding Catering

Country Barn's Farm to Fork Catering has its roots in a centuries old farm. The Country Barn Farm is owned and operated by Jim Stauffer whose family has been tilling the farm’s soil for three generations. The main barn that is the feature building of the Country Barn property was built in 1866. Originally, the farm raised beef, tobacco and potatoes; however changing economics led Jim to consider other potential markets. Over time, he diversified the crops he was raising to include a wide variety of fresh produce including tomatoes, sweet corn, asparagus, strawberries, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes and much more.

Our Farm to Fork Catering was voted Wedding Wire's Top 20 'Venues for Foodies' in 2015!

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