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Courtyard Ceremony

Courtyard ceremony watermarked.jpg

The Courtyard is connected to the main entrance of the Country Barn Stable. This site brings the rustic feeling of a barn outdoors! Complete with authentic stone pavers, the Courtyard is very open and the beautiful colors of the historic Country Barn give a vibrant backdrop for your ceremony and photographs.   If you are having your event in the Stable, your guests will have access to The Courtyard during your event time if they wish to  mingle outside. This location's use is limited to couples who have rented the Stable for a reception or Hors d'oeuvres hour.

You must reserve either the Stable or Country Barn Exclusive to utilize the Courtyard as your ceremony location.



The Country Barn's vibrant yellow color can be traced back to the original paint used when the barn was built in 1866.  It is said that the cheery color was chosen in celebration of the ending of the Civil War.  

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