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Manor View Barn… The Perfect Rustic Barn Venue

Manor View Barn, Lancaster Weddings, Rustic Reception, Barn Reception, Barn Wedding, Country Wedding

The Manor View Barn includes both the upper and lower level of the barn with your reservation. Many couples choose to host their ceremony on the beautifully landscaped grounds of the Inn and then escort their guests into this charming, early 1900's barn.  This space creates an elegant, yet rustic barn wedding.  The Manor View Barn will hold up to 300 guests.

Manor View Barn Ceremony Location Options

Manor View Grounds: 

Reserving the grounds and the barn at the Manor View Inn offers a truly unique rustic barn wedding experience.  You will have your choice of ceremony location including our pergola, front porch, or beautifully landscaped front or side lawn.

Host Ceremony in Manor View: 

Keep everything in one simple location and host your ceremony right in the Manor View Barn to utilize this stunning venue for a beautiful and rustic barn wedding.

You must reserve the Manor View Barn for your reception in order to host your ceremony in one of these locations. 


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